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Lecture: “‘Art knows no geographical lines’: The influence of Edwardian British artists on Pittsburgh’s Carnegie International exhibitions”

In this paper, Alison Clarke, 2018–19 Terra Foundation-Paul Mellon Centre Fellow, explores the relationship between British artists and the annual International exhibition established at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Institute in 1896.

Until the advent of the First World War, the International provided a forum for the American exhibition of works by British artists such as Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Frank Brangwyn, and John Macallen Swan. In return, these artists offered guidance to the Institute on how to negotiate the British art scene, as well as acting as judges on the International Jury established to award exhibition prizes. In particular, landscape painter Alfred East established a firm friendship with Carnegie Museum Director John W. Beatty, detailed in the numerous letters exchanged between the pair. East visited Pittsburgh on multiple occasions, selling works to American buyers and producing watercolors on trips up the coast to Connecticut. This previously unexplored link between British artists and an American museum provides an illuminating snapshot of transatlantic artistic interchange in the Edwardian period.

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