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Exhibition: Dan Flavin. Espacio y luz (Dan Flavin. Space and light)

For the first time in Colombia, this exhibition presents 18 fluorescent-tube artworks by Dan Flavin (1933–1996) that were made between 1963 and 1974, which together trace the artist’s developing interests in this unique medium. From 1963 through the remainder of his career, Flavin’s work was composed almost entirely of light in the form of commercially available fluorescent tubes that existed in ten colors and five shapes. Highlighting all of the medium’s various colors and shapes, the exhibition includes pieces such as Untitled (to you Heiner, with admiration and affection) from 1973, which were selected from Dia Art Foundation’s deep holdings of Flavin’s works. Didactic materials and the catalogue also connect Flavin’s fluorescent-tube constructions to the radical changes that took place in Colombian art during the same period. In the 1960s, artists in Medellín in particular sought to depart from the Escuela Antioqueña and its idyllic notion of the countryside in order to focus on the city as both a place for artistic production and a subject in its own right; and like Flavin, they began to explore the use of luminescent materials.

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