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Exhibition: The Making of Husbands: Christina Ramberg in Dialogue

This exhibition presents the work of artist and educator Christina Ramberg (1946–1995) in the first substantial monographic presentation of her paintings outside of the United States. Associated with the Chicago Imagists, Ramberg produced a body of comical, formally elegant, and erotically sinister paintings. The exhibition focuses in particular on a selection of Ramberg’s iconic torsi paintings from 1974–1981, a group of tightly cropped, crisply delineated pictures of female torsos bound by varieties of corsets and lingerie. Following Ramberg’s work, the exhibition explores the constructs that structure and shape people’s bodies, movements, minds, and expressions and the impact they have on identity development. To that end, the exhibition also includes a presentation of a few select artists to elaborate on the themes of Ramberg’s oeuvre.

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