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Seminar: Three Artists: Vantongerloo, Bill and Florsheim

Georges Vantongerloo, Max Bill, and Lilllian Florsheim were practicing artists in the mid-twentieth century. Although they lived in different countries, they were friends who shared materials, ideas, and even visited one another’s studios. Through close examination of each artists’ sculptural work, Geoff Goldberg (Adjunct Professor in the College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago) reveals an extended period in which the three artists shared their interests, techniques, and formal ambitions despite their differing models for engaging the larger art scene. Using archival materials, Goldberg opens a discussion about the artists’ conceptual attitudes, from their personal motivations to their public personae. Overall, this lecture contextualizes the artists’ creative output within twentieth century art and design practice.

This program is part of Chicago: City of Commerce and Design, 1890–1990 at the Newberry Library, a scholarly seminar series exploring Chicago’s rich design legacy by focusing on the many ways that designers responded to the city’s shifting trends in manufacturing and corporate culture, and presented as part of Art Design Chicago. To RSVP, visit https://www.newberry.org/11142019-geoff-goldberg