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Study Day: “The Activist Poster in the United States (1960s & 1970s): Visual Imaginations to Rethink Art and Society”

In parallel to the political struggles of the 1960s and 1970s, a significant number of activists and artists in the United States took to poster-making to respond to the urgent necessity to reconsider both art and society. Their interest was based as much on the formal qualities of the poster as well as its potential impact in public spaces and quick and inexpensive reproducibility in large numbers. As an integral component of social movements, these posters contributed to redefining the notion of art, to rethinking its hierarchies, as well as to conversations around the increasing commodification of the artwork or the relationship between art and politics. This study day aims to explore protest posters through different interpretations and analyses of the medium, and to think about its interrelationships with cultural and social contexts in the United States and internationally, as well as its place in art historiography.

This event is organized by Emilie Blanc, 2018–19 Terra Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Institut national d’histoire de l’art. It will be held in English and French.

The program is available in French.

For more information, please visit: https://www.inha.fr/fr/agenda/parcourir-par-annee/en-2020/janvier-2020/l-affiche-engagee-aux-etats-unis-annees-1960-1970.html