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Symposium: “American Art of the Sixties”

The symposium aims to shed new light on American art of the Long Sixties by furthering research that places artworks, artists, and art production within a transnational context. The two-day event features ten national and international scholars grouped into five thematic sessions, a keynote speaker, and a roundtable discussion. The invited scholars examine how visual and material forms generate meanings within different geographical and cultural contexts, drawing on social art-historical, poststructural, and formal methodologies, thus bridging what Joshua Shannon, Jason Weems, and Jennifer Roberts have discussed as the “Americanist-Modernist divide.” Recuperating various transnational contexts that provide new interpretations of Sixties art, the symposium explores why some of these meanings have become dominant while others were lost as the artworks traveled through time and space.

The symposium will be delivered online via Zoom. No events are taking place on the Texas A&M University campus. For more information, please visit: