Terra Foundation-supported Events

Symposium: “Ed Ruscha: History”

Spanning over 50 years, Ed Ruscha’s oeuvre has been variously discussed under the rubrics of pop art and conceptual art. However, the diversity of the artist’s production eschews easy categorization. This Terra Foundation-supported symposium will focus on the topic of appropriation as an important element in both Ruscha’s art and in the many homages that his works have generated. This multi-day symposium takes place at the Centre Pompidou, March 11–12, featuring 12 scholars, followed by a half-day program at the Centre de Création Contemporaine (CCC) of Tours, on March 13, during which a group of international artists will discuss the work of Ruscha and its importance for their own production. In conjunction with the symposium and discussions, CCC will present an exhibition of the artist’s work culled from public collections in France.

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