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Symposium: “’In the Same Boat’: British and American Visual Culture during the Second World War”

On December 8, 1941, immediately following the declaration of the American entry into World War II, President Roosevelt telegraphed Prime Minister Churchill, “Today all of us are in the same boat with you and the people of the empire and it is a ship which will not and cannot be sunk.” On the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of V-Day, Yale University’s Department of the History of Art will host a two-day conference to investigate the visual cultural exchange between the United States and Britain, identifying parallels between the way images and culture were politically mobilized and influenced by the social impacts of war itself. It will also consider the cultural origins of the postwar political and economic bond, which would come to be called the “special relationship,” and investigate the various political and social pressures that shaped image-making in the two countries.

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