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Conference: “The Ends of American Art”

This two-day international conference hosted by the Department of Art and Art History at Stanford University, will address new possibilities for thinking about the future of American art history. Led by Professors Alexander Nemerov and Richard Meyer, ten principal speakers from the United States and Europe will address the conference’s driving questions:

  • Can art in the United States any longer be understood in isolation from continental, hemispheric, and global conditions and exchanges?
  • Does it still make sense to distinguish American painting, sculpture, and architecture from the more expansive categories of visual and material culture?
  • Does it remain useful to separate the study of American art from the history of modern and contemporary art more broadly conceived?

Presentations will intervene and challenge prevailing constructions of Americanist art history and begin a conversation between colleagues at home and abroad about the ends to which the discipline is tending.

Additional information is forthcoming.