Terra Foundation-supported Events

Exhibition: The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky

This Terra Foundation-supported exhibition will present 250 chronologically organized works, revealing the continuum of the Plains Indians’ artistic expression against the backdrop of cultural changes, particularly during the first three centuries of Euro-American contact. A wide range of objects and media will be shown:

  • Paintings and drawings;
  • Sculptural work in stone, wood, antler, and shell;
  • Embroidery using porcupine quill and glass bead; and
  • Feather works.

Throughout the exhibition, an array of topics will be explored:

  • Daily life;
  • Religion and worldview;
  • Men and women’s roles within society;
  • The impact of Euro-American interactions;
  • The role of dance, song, narrative, and ritual in the creation of a multi-sensory aesthetic experience;
  • The relationship of tradition and innovation; and
  • The relationship to nature.

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