Georges Armaos

Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne Terra Summer Residency, 2001 A Comparative Study between the Role of American and European Museums in our Understanding of Art

Dorothée Brill

Birkbeck, University of London Terra Summer Residency, 2006 Shock of the Void: The Senseless as Strategy in Dada and Fluxus

Paul Donnelly

Trinity College Dublin Research Travel Grant to the United States, 2016 Breaking America: Tracing the Success of Harry Clarke Stained Glass Studios in the US during the twentieth century

Carolin Görgen

Université Paris Diderot Research Travel Grant to the United States, 2016 The Role of Amateur Photography in California, 1890–1915 Université Paris Diderot Terra Summer Residency, 2017 Regional Aesthetics for National Legitimization: The California Camera Club, 1890–1915

Laura Igoe

The University of Texas at Tyler Terra Summer Residency, 2014 The Opulent City and the Sylvan State: Art and Environmental Embodiment in Early National Philadelphia

Nenette Luarca-Shoaf

University of Delaware Terra Summer Residency, 2011 The Mississippi River in Antebellum Visual Culture

Katie Pfohl

Harvard University Terra Summer Residency, 2012 American Painting and the Systems of World Ornament

Kristine Ronan

University of Michigan Terra Summer Residency, 2015 Buffalo Dancer: The Biography of an Image

Alex J. Taylor

University of Oxford Fellowship at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2011 Forms of Persuasion: Art and Business Collaborations in the 1960s University of Oxford International Essay Prize, 2011 Unstable Motives: Propaganda, Politics, and the Late Work of Alexander Calder University of Oxford Terra Summer Residency, 2013 Forms of Persuasion: Art and Corporate Enterprise in the […]

Mengyang Sunny Zhang

Tsinghua University Research Travel Grant to the United States, 2014 Hymning in the Dark: Portraits by African American Artists in the 1920s Tsinghua University Research Travel Grant to the United States, 2018 Presenting Blackness in Projects: African-American Art and State Funding in “New Deal”