Nathalie Reymond

Université Paris 1 La Sorbonne Terra Summer Residency, 2001 Senior Scholar Advisor

Roberta Serpolli

Universita Ca'Foscari di Venezia Terra Summer Residency, 2013 Display of Art in the Panza di Biumo Collection

Emily (Amy) Torbert

University of Delaware Terra Summer Residency, 2016 Going Places: The Material and Imagined Geographies of Prints in the Atlantic Worlds, 1770–1840

Lucie Grandjean

Université Paris Nanterre Immersion Semester Student Fellowship, 2018 Université Paris Nanterre Terra Summer Residency, 2020 The Circulation of the Panoramic Image in Nineteenth-Century America: Movements and Transfers

Marianne Alphant

Editor of the Revues Parlées, Centre Pompidou Terra Summer Residency, 2004 Guest Lecturer