Asian/Pacific/American Institute—New York University
New York, New York

To support GAX Taiwan 2024: Global Asia Pacific and Indigenous Art, a week-long convening taking place in Taipei, Taiwan and Southern Taiwan at the Greater Sandimen region in Majia Village with the Indigenous Paiwan Community at the Kacalisian Art Village. It brings together international scholars, curators, and artists who are working on Global Asia/Pacific and Indigenous Art. The gathering is meant to exchange artistic, curatorial, and discourse practices and to allow for a Trans-Indigenous sharing of research and projects. The foci of the convening  includes Oceanic and Trans-Indigenous Exchange in Contemporary Art; Indigenous Shamanism and Spirituality in Global Asian/Pacific Art; Global Asia/Pacific Art and the Eco Crisis; and Curatorial, Archives, and Collections Practices in relation to Global Asia/Pacific and Indigenous Art and Material Cultures.  

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