BRIC Arts Media
Brooklyn, New York

To support Disability Artistry as a Current in American Art: Conversation, Convening, and Access Praxis at BRIC, a one-day convening devoted to the experiences, perspectives, and work of disabled artists, including those affected by neurodiversity, chronic illness, mental health and intellectual disabilities, as well as disabilities that affect mobility, sight, hearing, and other senses, in order to show how disability artistry is shaping American art. The event brings together New York City’s disabled artistry community including artists, disability rights groups, and funders. All activities are designed to be participatory, inclusive, accessible, and collaborative. This in-person convening is livestreamed in its entirety on BRIC’s YouTube channel, and the recordings are available online on BRIC’s website and on YouTube (@BRICTV). A social narrative document about the event and available accessibility resources (e.g. quiet spaces, ASL interpretation, wheelchair accessibility/elevator locations, visual supports, etc.) are designed, produced, and disseminated in advance. 

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