Moderna Museet Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

To support Seven Rooms and a Garden at the Moderna Museet Stockholm. The exhibition reconsiders American art histories of the Moderna Museet’s collection through the lineages and methodologies that shape Rashid Johnson’s work. Across seven rooms and a garden, Johnson poses the question: How do you live in a collection? He proposes that we regard the Moderna Museet’s collection as a home, an intimate space in which, seen and unseen, there occur seemingly insignificant acts and fleeting moments of happiness, pain, longing, rest, anxiety, loss, and fulfillment. Moderna Museet is publishing various printed and online materials that provide broad access to the research and content of Seven Rooms and a Garden.

Contemporary And
Berlin, Germany

To support three-day critical writing workshops for thirty emerging art writers in Atlanta and Dallas focusing, respectively, on Black and Latinx perspectives. The workshops address arts writing and reporting and offer the possibility to publish texts in Contemporary And (C&); they provide concrete tools to participants and engage with questions linked to local contexts. They are followed by a six-month mentoring program connecting eight mentee participants with local and international art writers with the aim of to expanding professional networks and providing opportunities for knowledge and experiencesharing from various local and global perspectives. 

Whitechapel Gallery
London, United Kingdom

To support Action / Gesture / Paint: A Global Story of the Women of Abstraction 1940–1970 at the Whitechapel Gallery, the Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles, and the Castello di Rivoli. This exhibition celebrates, on a global scale, the often lesser-known women artists of the mid-twentieth-century art movement known as Abstract Expressionism. A scholarly catalogue accompanies the exhibition.  

Musée Picasso Paris
Paris, France

To support Faith Ringgold at Musée Picasso Paris. This exhibition surveys the career of Faith Ringgold (b. 1930), focusing on her relationship with France, the city of Paris, and particularly with Pablo Picasso. Ringgold’s work formulates ideas that engage in dialogue with Picasso’s work as a counterpoint to it. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition.  

Soul of Nations Foundation
Florence, Italy

To support a residency and professional development program at the Soul Center for the Arts in Florence, Italy, which includes ten fellowship grants for five Native American, three African American, and two Afro-Italian artists. This program provides the artists with space to work and opportunities to further cross-cultural dialogue regarding geographically displaced BIPOC experiences. Fellows will engage in public programs locally, and their art will be shared via the internet and through publications.

Serpentine Galleries
London, United Kingdom

To support Black Chapel, the 2022 Serpentine Pavilion designed by visual artist Theaster Gates and constructed with the architectural support of Adjaye Associates. The pavilion will be open from June 10 to October 16, 2022, and will be accompanied by a series of live artist interventions and an illustrated catalogue examining Black Chapel within the larger context of Gates’s body of work.

Palais de la Porte Dorée
Paris, France

To support “Sharing Museums,” a three-day event featuring roundtables focusing on four themes: migration museums’ approaches and relationships to contemporary art; museums’ connections to diasporas; diversity and inclusion; and the restitution of artworks. This public convening will be livestreamed, with recordings to be made accessible on the museum’s website. A bilingual edition of the museum’s journal Hommes & Migrations will be published following the event.

Kunstinstituut Melly
Rotterdam, Netherlands

To support “Tools for De-modernizing,” a collective learning program that seeks to rethink the legacy of modernism within art institutions. This multi-pronged initiative includes the creation of a global network of peer institutions in the field of contemporary art along with the development and implementation of a training program co-designed by members of the network guided by principles of diversity and inclusivity. Drawing from Black, Indigenous, and queer cultures, the program encourages the development of more mindful and inclusive institutional practices through these trainings, as well as via in-person and online lectures and events, and the creation of a chapbook.

American Academy in Rome
Rome, Italy

To support two six-month affiliated fellowships for early- and mid-career Chicago-based artists who identify as BIPOC, providing them with opportunities to work on their art, cultivate their practice with mentors, and make new connections in an interdisciplinary context.

Photography Network
New Brunswick, New Jersey

To support the Photography Network’s symposium “Intersecting Photographies” in fall 2022 at Howard University, the first of what will be an annual series. The event aims to contribute to art history’s ongoing interrogation of photography as a colonizing technology and to explore the medium’s ability to promote social justice.

Goethe-Universität (Institut für Ethnologie/Dept. of Social and Cultural Anthropology)
Frankfurt am Main

To support the two-day symposium “Tithu Between Wor(l)ds. Cultural Items as Art or Artifact” at the Museum am Rothenbaum–Kulturen und Künste der Welt (MARKK) (Hamburg, Germany). Tribal representatives, art historians, and cultural anthropologists share perspectives on Katsina representation and non-Hopi appropriation while considering how Katsina collections can be evaluated and understood within museums and academic settings. Program content from the symposium will be published on a dedicated website ( available to a worldwide audience.

University of Oxford
Oxford, United Kingdom

To support two visiting professorships in the history of American art in the 2023–24 and 2024–25 years. Through this program, visiting professors are appointed to yearlong terms in the international art history department at the University of Oxford to teach at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and to give a series of public lectures on campus.