Textile Society of America
Baltimore, Maryland

To support Shifts and Strands: Rethinking the Possibilities and Potentials of Textiles, an online international symposium that highlights artists, scholars, scientists, and caretakers exploring textile materials, cultures, and histories, aiming to promote equity, antiracism, and accessibility in the textile field. Through case studies, curatorial projects, and research centering Indigenous American textiles, the program seeks to advance decolonial, abolitionist, antiracist, and equitable frameworks in textile studies and practices. The virtual platform hosting the Textile Society of America’s (TSA) 2024 Symposium offers recorded proceedings accessible for 90 days after the event; the Symposium Proceedings, slated to be published six months later through a partnership with the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, will be freely available online, alongside promotion through TSA’s website, newsletters, social media, and further dissemination through a curated special issue in the Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, ensuring lasting accessibility and global reach. 

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