Academic Events

Archives of American Art
Washington, DC

To support a computer art study day at the Archives, which focuses on the first decades when artists began to incorporate emerging computer technologies into their practices. The study day explores how to collect, preserve, and make available key archival collections documenting the medium’s history. Interviews with attendees after the event will be posted online. 

Yale University
New Haven, CT

To support “Surrogates: Embodied Histories of Sculpture in the Short 20th Century,” a three-day symposiumorganized in collaboration with University of Graz and Museum Brandhorstexploring how modern sculpture became the locus for impassioned debates about the human, investigating the intersection of corporality, subjectivity, and ideology across four revisionist histories: postcolonial, feminist, queer, and antiracist. The symposium will be shared via a website, livestreaming, and possibly an edited volume. 

University of Miami
Coral Gables, FL

To support “Geoffrey Holder: Prismatic Blackness, A Writers’ Workshop,” a two-day event organized by the Center for Black Global Studies, which convenes scholars, archivists, writers, and editors to support the development of an integrated web-based archive and academic publication dedicated to the work of Geoffrey Holder. 

Hellenic American University
Nashua, NH

To support Terra (in) cognita: Dialogues between Greek Culture and Modern American Art, a four-day conference to be held at the Athens Campus of Hellenic American University. The event explores the wide spectrum of associations between modern American art, with a focus on Abstract Expressionism, and iconic aspects of Greek culture. An English- and Greek-language book will be published following the conference. 

University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark

To support a two-day conference that highlights the groundbreaking practices of the Light and Space movement, connecting past and present generations of artists. The event will be recorded and be made available on Copenhagen Contemporary’s website. 

Leibniz Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe (GWZO)
Leipzig, Germany

To support “Linking Art Worlds: American Art and Eastern Europe in the Cold War and Since,” a program jointly funded by the Terra Foundation and the Getty and led by GWZO. The program consists of a series of traveling seminars, including an opening symposium in Prague and a writing workshop in Giverny, France. While the overall thematic lens is devoted to overcoming national frameworks through the study of official/unofficial encounters and engagements between the art scenes on both sides of the Iron Curtain, the content of the symposium and seminars is driven by site visits to archives and collections as well as by meetings with local experts. 

The University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

To support Hot Art, Cold War: East Central Europe Workshops on American Art, to be held in Poznań, Bucharest, and Dresden. These workshops expand on research undertaken for the Terra Foundationfunded anthology Hot Art, Cold War: Southern and Eastern European Writings on American Art, 1945–1990 (Routledge, 2020). Organized by the University of Edinburgh, the thematically related workshops stimulate further debate and research on artistic relations between East Central Europe and the US in the context of the Cold War. 

Clark University
Worcester, Massachusetts

To support “Race in the History of Design: Objects, Identity, Methodologies,” a two-day, workshop-style program that brings together ten scholars from the US and Europe to share research on the topic of race in the field of design history, an underexamined area in the study of objects. The program is set to take place at the Centre de Formation et de Seminaires in Remich, Luxembourg.

Bard College
Annandale-on-Hudson, New York

To support “Reshaping the Field: Arts of the African Diaspora on Display,” a three-day program that aims to re-examine the legacy of exhibitions that have featured art by Black artists in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Laboratoire de Recherches sur les Cultures Anglophones
Paris, France

To support “About Time: Temporality in American Art and Visual Culture,” a two-day symposium to be held at the Université de Paris that aims to establish the concept of time and temporality as an essential category in American art from the seventeenth century to today.