Summary The theme of identity is explored in these two lessons by examining how one’s identity can be forged and how it can be remade after a devastating loss. Students look closely a serigraph print, photographs, and a sculpture to analyze how elements of one’s identity can be expressed. They analyze related informational texts and […]

Identity: The Art of Losing

Authors: Jennifer Barron, Kennedy High School Melissa Covington Tanner, Art Institute of Chicago With contributions from: Laura Lang, PhD, University of Wisconsin—Madison, Literacy Consultant Mary Hawley, Literacy Consultant Summary: In this lesson, students will explore how works of art and literature can help us understand how certain belongings can strengthen our sense of identity and […]

Identity: My Symbols, My Identity

Authors: National Museum of Mexican Art Education Staff Summary: This lesson explores how the symbols in a work of art can help express the identity of an individual or a cultural group. Students discuss popular cultural symbols and identify symbols that have personal importance for them. They look closely at Ester Hernández’s serigraph print The […]


Author: The Art Institute of Chicago Staff At First Glance What materials can you identify in this sculpture? How do you think the artist manipulated these materials (or not)? What adjectives would you use to describe the artwork? What tools might have been used to create it? Does this sculpture remind you of anything that […]

The Offering/La Ofrenda

Author: National Museum of Mexican Art Education Department Staff At First Glance Describe the figure in this artwork. Who do you think she is? Why might the artist have wanted to create an image of her? Does the image on her body look familiar? Does it remind you of anything? How does the artist use […]