A Conversation with Michael Fried at Terra Foundation Paris Center & Library

November 4, 2014 Terra Foundation Paris Center & Library Michael Fried, Professor and J. R. Herbert Boone Chair in the Humanities at Johns Hopkins University, discusses his critical texts on Jackson Pollock, Morris Louis, and Color Field painting with a new generation of scholars working on post-war American art in Europe, including: Cyril Crignon, École Supérieure […]

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L to R: Cyril Crignon, Michael Schreyach, Eva Ehninger, Michael Fried, and Riccardo Venturi at the Terra Foundation Paris Center & Library.

“Barnett Newman’s ‘Formalism’: A Transatlantic Dialogue” by Michael Schreyach & Eva Ehninger

September 30, 2014 Terra Foundation Paris Center & Library Throughout his career, Barnett Newman consistently rejected the charge that his radically abstract paintings were “formalist,” and resisted the notion that the content of his art could be understood through formal analysis. He claimed never to have “planned” a painting (he never tired of criticizing “aesthetics”), […]

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Scholars Michael Schreyach (left) and Eva Ehninger at the Terra Foundation Paris Center & Library.

“L’Impressionnisme et la Politique” at Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny

May 23, 2014 Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny While the political implications of the French Impressionist movement in the 1870s are firmly established, the scenes of bourgeois private and urban entertainment later produced by American artists in an Impressionist style seem patently unconcerned with political questions. Does the transformation of French Impressionism into an international style […]

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L to R: Patricia Junker, André Dombrowski (standing), S. Hollis Clayson, and Philip Nord were among the scholars who gathered in May in Giverny, France, to participate in the international symposium “L’Impressionnisme et la Politique.” Photo: Lucy Pike.

“Mark Rothko’s Breakthrough and the Art of Medieval Europe” by Thomas Crow with response by Eric de Chassey

October 10, 2013 Terra Foundation for American Art Paris Center & Library Distinguished art historians Thomas Crow, professor at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts, and Éric de Chassey, director of the Académie de France à Rome—Villa Médicis, gathered at the Paris Center for a discussion about painter Mark Rothko. Crow’s talk, “Mark Rothko’s […]

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Thomas Crow (center) and Eric de Chassey, in conversation at the Paris Center & Library.