AAMC Foundation Engagement Program for International Curators

Photograph of 2016 AAMC annual conference & meeting by Lynn Lane Photography, courtesy of AAMC & AAMC Foundation.

With the Engagement Program for International Curators (EPIC) initiative, the AAMC Foundation creates and strengthens international relationships between curators by providing a cross-cultural platform. By engaging with their counterparts, EPIC participants lead multi-national conversations and advance their professional skills.

AAMC Foundation’s Engagement Program for International Curators (EPIC), supported by the Art Fund and Terra Foundation for American Art offers curators around the globe a platform for cross-cultural networking and exchange.

Curators of U.S. Art
Partnering curators in the U.S. and internationally working on U.S. art, the EPIC U.S. Art edition awards two International Awardees and two U.S. Liaisons who are nonprofit curators having worked or currently working within collections, exhibitions, and/or projects in development that explore visual arts projects that focus on expanded narratives of arts of the United States.

These awards are administered by AAMC.

Program criteria and parameters are available on the application portal. Please visit the AAMC website.