Online Course: American Art History: From Elite to Street

American Art History: From Elite to Street is a dynamic, one-semester online course for high school students grades nine through twelve. This course, based on the collection of the Terra Foundation for American Art, offers an engaging introduction to the rich and varied art of the United States from the colonial period to the early twenty-first century using complex audio, visual, and written texts. The course is Common Core and ILS (Fine Arts) aligned, providing .5 credit towards graduation. It enables student achievement through project-based lessons and unit assessments, and promotes student-centered discovery of local Chicago art in their own neighborhoods. While the course can be taken by freshmen, it is recommended for motivated sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are self-starters. From Elite to Street was conceived and produced by eBrigade, an initiative of the Blue Foundation. Scholarships to cover tuition are available through the Blue Foundation, and all Chicago Public School students may take the course for free.

For more information please visit or contact Charissa Armon, Project Manager, at: [email protected]