Visitors exploring Barbara Jones-Hogu: Resist, Relate, Unite 1968-1975 at DePaul Art Museum.

Art Design Chicago 2024

Building on the collaborative spirit and new scholarship engendered by Art Design Chicago—the first large-scale exploration of Chicago’s art and design history, which featured exhibitions and programs across Chicago in 2018—the Terra Foundation for American Art is pleased to announce that the initiative will continue, with a new series of exhibitions and programs in 2024.

Initiative Focus

Art Design Chicago 2024 is a call to examine the confluences of artists, designers, and creative ideas in Chicago, and their impact on art and design in the city and beyond.

Chicago is a crossroads for people, cultures, and ideas from around the region, nation, and world. Art Design Chicago 2024 presents an opportunity to examine how flow into, out of, and within the city has shaped visual art and design in unexpected and productive ways, radically altering or generating new creative practices. The initiative will expand understanding of ways in which the history of visual art and design in Chicago intersects with other places, fields, and practices through the migration of peoples across geographies, ideas across disciplines, and influences across time, from the past into the present.

The foundation is especially interested in projects that examine unexpected and unexplored relationships and networks that have been significant to the history of art and design in Chicago, particularly those linking the city to other locales regionally, nationally, or internationally.

The foundation will support deeply researched exhibitions, academic and public programs, and publications that illuminate the topic above and address the project goals below.


The Terra Foundation recognizes that meaningful encounters with works of art can foster empathy and understanding as well as insights into history, culture, and society. Through Art Design Chicago 2024, the Terra Foundation seeks to stimulate conversations and experiences that strengthen the fabric of civic life. Goals for the project are both civic and scholarly:

  • To support cultural organizations’ work to animate Chicago’s history of art and design in ways that galvanize and energize a broad public;
  • To make a lasting contribution to scholarship on art and design of the United States by supporting projects that enhance understanding of Chicago’s history of art and design and connections to culture nationally and internationally;
  • To support cultural organizations’ efforts to grow engagement, and make access to arts and culture in Chicago more equitable and inclusive; and
  • To make collections of Chicago-related art and design more accessible, visible, and available.

Frequently Asked Questions

For additional inquiries, please reference the Art Design Chicago 2024 FAQs.

Current Grant Opportunities

At this time, the foundation is inviting letters of inquiry (LOIs) from Chicago-area organizations seeking Exhibition Research & Development Grants for Art Design Chicago exhibitions slated to take place between May and December 2024. These grants will be awarded in three rounds, with the following LOI deadlines: January 15, May 15, and August 14, 2020. Read the grant guidelines and apply now.

Upcoming Grant Opportunities

Academic Programs Grants: Grant guidelines will be available in January 2020. Grants will be awarded starting in fall 2020.

Publications Grants: Grant guidelines will be available in January 2020. Grants will be awarded starting in fall 2020.

Community-Engagement Research & Development Grants related to Art Design Exhibitions: Grant guidelines will be available in fall 2020. Grants will be awarded starting in fall 2021.

Exhibition Implementation Grants: Grant guidelines will be available in 2021. Grants will be awarded in 2022 and 2023.

Public Programs Grants: Grant guidelines will be available in 2022. Grants will be awarded in 2023 and 2024.

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