Terra Foundation-Yale University Press American Art in Translation Book Prize

The Terra Foundation for American Art, in partnership with Yale University Press, offered prizes for unpublished manuscripts or previously published manuscripts in a language other than English written by a non-US author. The manuscripts made significant contributions to scholarship on historical American visual arts and/or Native American arts.

In helping to overcome the language barrier that often divides scholars and deters international research and collaboration, the prize aimed to advance and internationalize scholarship on American art and recognized original research and methodology. The award was especially intended to encourage authors who take the field of American art history into new historical and interpretive terrain, or who establish connections among the work of scholars within and outside the United States, providing a model of international exchange important to sustaining relevance and academic rigor for the future of the field.

The winner received a $5,000 cash prize. The Terra Foundation funded production of the book, which is published (in print and electronic form) in English by Yale University Press. In addition, Yale University Press invited the winners to present a lecture on the book, upon publication, at Yale University.

Please note, this program is no longer active. If you have questions about our grant and fellowship opportunities, please contact [email protected].

Past Recipients


Hélène Valance
Nocturne: Night in American Art, 1890–1917, translated by Jane Marie Todd (Yale University Press, 2018)


Benoît Buquet
Graphics: Art et design graphique aux États-Unis dans les années 1960 et 1970 (PU Rancçois Rabelais, 2019)