Art Design Chicago 2024 FAQs

Abstract painting of a city.

George Josimovich, Illinois Central, 1927, oil on canvas, 41 x 46 1/2 in. (104.1 x 118.1 cm), Terra Foundation for American Art, Daniel J. Terra Art Acquisition Endowment Fund, 2004.1

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What do “Chicago art and design” and “art histories” in the grant guidelines refer to?

Projects that meet the guidelines examine one or more of the following:

  • Artists and designers who work or worked within visual disciplines and spent time living and working on the lands now known as Chicago, and whose time and interactions with this place were formative in their development.
  • Works of art or design created, fabricated, and/or commissioned in Chicago.
  • Organizations, groups, events, or experiences that shed light on Chicago’s history as a source of American art and design.

What artistic and creative disciplines are supported?

The initiative supports projects that center visual art and design, including initiatives that are interdisciplinary or involve community-engaged elements. Projects centering dance, music, or theater are not currently eligible.

Will projects on architecture be considered?

The foundation will consider projects that explore architecture in relation to visual art and align with the initiative’s focus and priorities.

Will the foundation support projects on contemporary art and design?

Yes, the foundation welcomes projects that bring contemporary and historical works of art and/or design into dialogue, with the aim of illuminating the present moment and bringing new perspectives to the way Chicago history and/or art history is understood. Additionally, the foundation will support projects focused solely on contemporary art that manifest a critical and reflective engagement with Chicago history and/or art history and the initiative’s priorities and focus.

Is funding only available to Chicago-based institutions?

Funding is available exclusively to institutions based in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Does the initiative only support exhibitions and convenings that are presented in Chicago?

Exhibitions must originate in the Chicago metropolitan area, but the foundation encourages traveling them to other venues after the local presentation ends; travel support may be possible. Excepting virtual convenings, in-person convenings (such as workshops, symposia, and conferences) are expected to take place in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Do all exhibitions and public programs that receive funding need to take place in 2024?

The foundation prefers that exhibitions open between May 2024 and the end of 2024, and that public programs take place in this same time span.

How does the current edition of Art Design Chicago differ from the first edition?

The current edition of Art Design Chicago shares many elements with the 2018 edition, including the celebration of Chicago’s art and design history, the broad participation of Chicago cultural organizations, and a common period of concentrated programming. It differs from the first iteration in its strong emphasis on community engagement (including grant support to help ADC partners collaborate with communities) and inclusive project-development practices.

Additionally, Art Design Chicago will feature more works of contemporary art and design and will elevate awareness of artists and designers working in the city today. This second iteration also has a new content focus, which centers on the confluence of cultures and ideas in Chicago that have shaped the city’s art worlds and the ways that the city’s culture has been formed by migrations: of peoples across geographies, of ideas across disciplines, and of influences across time.