“Arthur Dove: Water, Wind, Metal” by Rachael Z. DeLue

March 7, 2016
Terra Foundation for American Art, Chicago

Princeton University professor and frequent Terra Foundation collaborator Rachael Z. DeLue delivers this lecture at our Chicago headquarters to celebrate both the launch of Picturing, the first volume of the Terra Foundation Essays series, of which DeLue is the editor, and the foundation’s recent acquisition of Arthur Dove’s painting Boat Going Through Inlet. In the lecture, DeLue characterizes Boat Going Through Inlet as “a kind of exemplar of Dove’s use of painting as a meditation on the possibility of a picture to bring everything in the world—water, air, clouds, the Earth’s atmosphere, outer space, metal, wind, bodies, properties, phonographs, the radio—all together in a single space to produce a kind of super-conducting and super-integrating machine of a work of art” and a utopian vision of connectivity.