In partnership with organizations and individuals locally and globally, the Terra Foundation fosters intercultural dialogues and encourages transformative practices to expand narratives of American art.


To illuminate diverse histories, inspire present connections, and create equitable futures.


Cultural Humility

We embrace curiosity and call upon ourselves to listen, learn, and remain open-minded. We engage multiple perspectives to shape our work and practices, recognizing and learning from varied forms of wisdom and world-making.

Equity and Inclusion

We commit to equity and inclusion, where all people belong, are valued, and are treated justly. We center racial equity in our values; recognizing the structural harm inflicted on communities of color, we advance approaches that redress systemic inequities in their many manifestations.

Partnership and Collaboration

We facilitate exchange and dialogue among organizations and individuals by investing time and resources to build and sustain authentic, peer-driven, relationally based partnerships. We are participants in a collective enterprise to effect positive growth and change in the field of American art and to transform its impact in the world.

Experimentation and Adaptiveness

We support bold, courageous, often experimental work that challenges the status quo and helps us reimagine American art—its histories, systems, and practices. Driven by a belief in the necessity of responsive adaptation, we embrace opportunities to support immediate and emerging needs within the arts and cultural sphere.

Letter from our President & CEO, Summer 2022

For the past year, we have been engaged in a strategic planning process to evolve our mission and to clarify our vision and the values that guide our work. This process involved deep listening, and we learned from and were inspired by our partners in the field of American art as well as by our peers in philanthropy. As we re-envision our philanthropic role, we acknowledge that supporting expansive narratives of American art requires structural change. Central to this effort is our commitment to projects that reimagine American art—its histories, systems, and practices—and that share inclusive narratives developed through partnership and collaboration.

As our strategy takes shape, we have adopted revised grant guidelines, launched new grant programs and initiatives, and expanded our network of partners. Our strategic development is, and will continue to be, an adaptive and iterative process, building on the foundation’s past successes and core commitment to creating connections through dialogue and strengthening networks around the globe.

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