Samuel F. B. Morse’s painting Gallery of the Louvre (1831–33) is examined in 2012 at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Collection in Focus

The Terra Foundation continually examines its extensive collection of American art, conducting research and employing advanced conservation practices to learn from and preserve nearly 800 paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, and sculptures from the 1750s to the 1980s. In this section, you’ll find comprehensive analysis of several of the foundation’s key works, including:

  • Video documentation of the conservation of Samuel F.B. Morse’s Gallery of the Louvre,
  • Revelations from X-ray photography of John La Farge’s Paradise Valley,
  • Discoveries elicited by a letter attached to Fitz Henry Lane’s Dream Painting, and
  • A closer look at of each of John Leslie Breck’s Studies of an Autumn Day.