Stephen Caffey

University of Texas at Austin Terra Summer Residency, 2007 An Heroics of Empire: Benjamin West and Anglophone History Painting 1764–1774

Kathleen Pyne

University of Notre Dame Terra Summer Residency, 2007 Guest Lecturer

Pauline Chevalier

Université François Rabelais, Tours Research Travel Grant to the United States, 2007 Artistic Practices in New York Alternative Art Spaces, 1969–1985

Rebecca Reynolds

University of Chicago Terra Summer Residency, 2007 From Green Cube to Site: Site-Specific Practices at American Sculpture Parks and Gardens, 1965–1987

Jaime Correa

Université Paris Diderot Terra Summer Residency, 2007 A Heavenly Road: Religion (and the Religious) in the Rhetoric of the Road Movie

Dalila Scruggs

Harvard University Fellowship at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2007 "The Love of Liberty Has Brought Us Here": The American Colonization Society and the Imaging of African-American Settlers in Liberia, West Africa Independent Scholar International Research Travel Grants for US-based Scholars, 2020 Activism in Exile: Elizabeth Catlett as Activist and Artist in the Global Sixties

Marie-Stephanie Delamaire

Columbia University Fellowship at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2007 Transatlantic Encounters: Franco-American Artistic Exchanges during the Civil War and Reconstruction Era Columbia University Terra Summer Residency, 2010 Art in Translation: French Prints and American Visual Culture 1848–1876

Marc Simpson

Clark Art Institute Terra Summer Residency, 2007 Senior Scholar Advisor

Bertrand Derel

Ecole régionale des beaux-arts de Nantes Terra Summer Residency, 2007