Chicago Public Art Group
Chicago, IL

The Chicago Public Art Group (CPAG) seeks support to preserve one of the earliest CPAG murals still extant and one of the few monumental murals created for a labor union, the Union Electrical Workers Mural (1973–74), also known as “Solidarity,” by CPAG cofounder John Pitman Weber and the late Jose Guerrero. Addressing such themes as resilience and the dignity of labor, and representing the story of the UE, industrial unionism, and related social movements, “Solidarity” reflects Chicago’s centrality to the revival of the mural movement of the 1960s and 70s and is significant to the city’s art history and US labor history. The sale of the United Electrical Workers (UE) Hall at 37 S. Ashland Avenue necessitates moving the mural to preserve and conserve it—work to be carried out by Parma Conservation, after which it will be rehoused at the Chicago’s Teachers Union at 1901 West Carroll Street. 

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