Terra Foundation Research Travel Grants

The Terra Foundation for American Art Research Travel Grants provide support to doctoral, postdoctoral, and senior scholars from both the US and outside the US for research topics dedicated to the art and visual culture of the United States prior to 1980.

The Terra Foundation prioritizes projects that interrogate and broaden definitions of American art and lends support for projects engaged in transforming or complicating how the story of American art is told. To expand histories of American art, we encourage projects that reflect a commitment to inclusive and equitable research and museum practice; generate new scholarship and interpretive frameworks; employ critical methodologies and innovative models; and/or engage diverse partners and audiences.

The grants foster firsthand engagement with American artworks and art-historical resources; build networks for non-US-based scholars studying American art; and expand access to artworks, scholarly materials, and communities for US-based scholars studying American art in an international context.

Proposals are accepted from doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars, and senior scholars.

The grant program is administered by College Art Association (CAA), on behalf of the Terra Foundation for American Art.

For more information about application guidelines and the application process, schedule, and checklist, please visit the CAA website.

Recipients: Terra Foundation Research Travel Grants to the United States, 2003–2022

Recipients: Terra Foundation International Research Travel Grants for US-based Scholars, 2017–2022