Jonathan Dentler (PhD, University of Southern California) has been awarded the 2020–22 Terra Foundation Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Fellowship at the Université Paris Nanterre and the Université de Paris.

Terra Foundation Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships at Université Paris Nanterre and Université de Paris, 2018–22

A new postdoctoral teaching fellowship program, hosted jointly by the Université Paris Nanterre and the Université de Paris (formerly Université Paris Diderot), began in fall 2018. Fellows are nominated for a two-year period (2018–20 and 2020–22) and instruct American art history and visual culture to graduate students in art history and American cultural history in combination with personal research. The postdoctoral teaching program is accompanied by short-term visiting professorships offered and administered by the universities.

Past Recipients


Tatsiana Zhurauliova, PhD, Yale University